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"Good to the Core"

Good to the Core by John Blumberg is an excellent book about values.

Chapter six is about our Program and how we act from our values as we manage our Program. The following is an excerpt from Chapter six:

"The concept of core values is no different. You must first BELIEVE core values are valuable, and that you can truly build value with them!

... ... Rather than a football program, it (St. Raphael football) really should be called a "values program".

... It all started at St. Raphael's Parish in Naperville, Illinois, with a couple hundred boys and a few teams. Today, this program serves over 2,600 youth with over 100 teams! It involves over 800 coaches and 10,000 spectators enjoy the games each Saturday. And it is all run on a commitment to the core values of the program. Jim believes everyone, the players, the coaches and the parents, benefits from the value of living the values. Jim believes one of the most critical core values guiding the program is that "all decisions are made in the best interests of the children". Living this value makes the football experience a vehicle for the total development of the child, and often for the coaches and parents as well".

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